Bug in border: solid 2px #ddd (chrome)

I'm having trouble with chrome edge, I need it to be 2px. She gets with aspect of 3px when I click on a button to expand the table row and show another hidden by clicking the button again to close the that was hidden, and then appears with 3px !! The funny thing is that when I click anywhere on the screen, the 3px aspect automatically returns to 2px

$( ".ver-mais" ).click(function( event ) {
$(document).on('click', 'a.ver-mais',function() {
var el2 = $(this).attr('data-detail-detail');
        if ($('#'+el2).css('display') === 'none' )
            $(this).text('See less');
            $(this).text('See more');


some solution? thanks!! ps. In IE11 it's works 100%