Make MQTT client connection to be always present

I am using ESP8266 chip and the SMING software framework MqttClient_Hello example.

I want the MQTT connection to always be present at all time. If for whatever reason the connection is broken, I would like a reconnection to take place. How can this be done?

The relevant code in MqttClient_Hello;

void startMqttClient();
void onMessageReceived(String topic, String message);
MqttClient mqtt("", 1883, onMessageReceived);
// Run MQTT client
void startMqttClient()

What needs to be changed in the code to ensure constant connection?


So SMING does not seem to have a disconnect or error callback.
int mqtt_ping(mqtt_broker_handle_t* broker){...} is implemented in libemqtt and you could try to maintain the connection with a regular ping and try to reconnect if it fails.