numpy.random.rand() in Python

The numpy.random.rand() method creates array of specified shape with random values. This method mainly used to create array of random values.

Basic Syntax

numpy.random.rand() in Python function overview
numpy.random.rand() in Python function overview

Following is the basic syntax for numpy.random.rand() method:

numpy.random.rand(d0, d1, d2, …, dn)

And the parameters are:

d0, d1, d2, …, dn[integer,optional] Enter dimentions of the required array. If no argument is specified single python value will be returned.


This function returns array of random values with specified shape.


Following are the examples for generating 1D, 2D and 3D arrays.

Example 1: 1D array

The output should be:

1D random values array :
[0.23190488, 0.53400471, 0.20537607, 0.46551987, 0.12542115,
0.68377143, 0.41102983, 0.40300743, 0.86667939, 0.96476523]

Example 2: 2D array

The output should be:

2D random values array
[[ 0.09697723, 0.4666872 ],
[ 0.06225284, 0.41580441]]

Example 3: 3D array

The output should be:

3D random values array :
[[[5.52075828e-01, 9.11790914e-01, 4.00528404e-01],
[8.08595587e-01, 2.54659725e-02, 3.73636769e-01],
[3.69575988e-02, 7.91622346e-01, 7.07231348e-01]],
[[3.46851455e-02, 8.27783769e-01, 7.13739325e-01],
[9.06570460e-01, 1.75582354e-02, 2.19411517e-04],
[8.08957851e-01, 8.74399677e-02, 6.27145619e-01]],
[[9.73312118e-01, 6.74844165e-01, 8.49714391e-02],
[7.28513937e-01, 3.14178426e-01, 4.73964127e-01],
[5.82489203e-01, 5.17546522e-01, 5.59685367e-01]]]


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