create gradient filled arrow in base R

I am looking for a way to add an arrow to a plot in base R, such that the arrow will be filled with a grey-gradient color, like this:

enter image description here

I have seen this solution, but that seems quite complex and not that flexible: I need to draw a great mahy arrows, in a great many plots, all potentially with different length and width. I am aware of the shape package, but that seems to only be able to fill arrowheads, and does not provide a fillable "base" of the arrow. Any suggestions?


Here is one way to get you started, along the lines of @MrFlick's suggestion. You probably want to encapsulate this inside a function that will allow you to exert more influence over the size of the arrowhead, the width of the base and arrow head, the smoothness of the gradient, etc.

#empty box
plot(c(-1, 2), c(-1, 10), ,type="n",axes=FALSE, xlab = "", ylab = "")
# plot the arrow, without a fill
polygon(c(0,0,-.25,.5,1.25,1,1,0), y = c(0,6,6, 8,6,6,0,0), border = NA)
# create gradient colors
nslices = 100
cols <- colorRampPalette(colors = c("white", "black"))(nslices)
# split the base of the arrow in nslices and fill each progressively
ys <- seq(0,6, len = nslices + 1)
for (i in 1:nslices) {
  polygon(c(0,0,1,1), c(ys[i], ys[i+1], ys[i+1], ys[i]), col = cols[i], border = NA)
# add a filled arrowhead
polygon(c(-.25, .5, 1.25, -.25), c(6, 8, 6, 6), col = "black")

This would get you an arrow like this:

enter image description here

HTH, Peter