DeprecationWarning: Collection#find: pass a function instead

I'm quite a newbie to node.js and I'm currently using discord.js to make a Discord bot. As soon as any bot command gets used the console prints a DeprecationWarning. for example:

(node:15656) DeprecationWarning: Collection#find: pass a function instead

(node:15656) sometimes is another number, nearly always changing.
This is what my code looks like (only one command, I've got multiple, I get this error with all of them though):

const botconfig = require("./botconfig.json")
const Discord = require("discord.js");
const bot = new Discord.Client();

bot.on("ready", () => { 
    console.log(`Launched ${bot.user.username}...`);
    bot.user.setActivity("Games", { type: "PLAYING" });

bot.on("message", async message => {
    if ( return;

    let prefix = botconfig.prefix;
    let messageArray = message.content.split(" ");
    let cmd = messageArray[0];
    let args = messageArray.slice(1);
    let botico = bot.user.displayAvatarURL;

    if (cmd == `${prefix}help`) {
        let helpEmbed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
            .addField(".kick", "kick a user", true)
            .addField(".ban", "ban a user", true)
            .addField(".unban", "unbans a user", true)
            .addField(".mute", "mutes a user over a period of time", true)
        console.log(`command used: help`);



It is in one of your other commands. You more than likely are using something like #Collection.find('name', 'keyname') in one of the other commands.

This has been updated to #Collection.find(x => === "name").

Like it says in the error. #Collection.find() requires a function instead. So use one and the error goes away.