Django django-location-field missing API Keys

I am using the library to build a Location View using Django. The issue is that I can't find a documentation saying how to define my own Google Maps API KEY.

This is the code I have on my

    'map.provider': 'google',
    'map.zoom': 13,

    'search.provider': 'google',
    'search.suffix': '',

    # Google
    '': '//',
    '': 'MY_API_KEY_HERE',
    '': 'ROADMAP',

    # misc
    'resources.root_path': LOCATION_FIELD_PATH,
    '': {
        'js': [
           LOCATION_FIELD_PATH + '/js/jquery.livequery.js',
            LOCATION_FIELD_PATH + '/js/form.js',

But this solution dose not seem to work. Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

I have been searching for a while now, but no luck in getting the answer.

Error I get


You may use django-geoposition instead of django-location-field. It has the same functionality and also has a simple documentation

You can find how to define your Google Maps API KEY in