Error in initializing ST-Link Device

I am currently using the ST-Link debugger to program my STM32F3 Discovery Board. The IDE that I am using is Atollic TrueStudio 5.5.2 but now I am facing a very weird problem which is I keep on getting the message " Error in initializing ST-Link Device. Reason : (-1) Failed to connect to device . Please check power and cabling to target." whenever I want to download the program into my STM32. I had tried some solutions that I found from internet but the problem still exists. Anyone had faced this problems before? Any suggestions will help. Thank you. enter image description here

Here is the solution I found but can't work for me.


You could try the following.

Make sure that you have installed the right version of the driver (32 or 64 bits).

If you are using an external ST-Link, make sure that you connect VCC, GND, RESET, SWDIO and SWDCLK.

If you are using an external ST-Link, make sure that Atollic is using the right one. You may have 2 ST-link connected (the external and the embedded one).

Ensure that the ST-Link is setup in SWD mode and not in JTAG.

In Atollic, you could also change how the ST-Link connects to your target. Try different combinations, for example Connect under hardware reset.