Extracting Zip+CSV file from attachment w/ Image in Body of Email

I receive daily emails where there is an attachment containing 1 zip file containing 1 csv file.

In the body of my email, there is an image that is being recognized as another attachment I am pretty sure.

enter image description here

The below script works when there is only text in the body of the email but with the "Adobe Marketing Cloud" image, it is screwing up the script.

Is there a way I can only read maybe the first attachment read (assuming that will be the zip file)?

Here is my script:

outlook_app <- COMCreate("Outlook.Application")
search <- outlook_app$AdvancedSearch(
  "urn:schemas:httpmail:subject = 'SUBJECTNAME'"

Sys.sleep(5) # Wait a hot sec!

results <- search$Results() # Saves search results into results object

Sys.sleep(5) # Wait a hot sec!

results$Item(1)$ReceivedTime() # Received time of first search result

as.Date("1899-12-30") + floor(results$Item(1)$ReceivedTime()) # Received 

# Iterates through results object to pull out all of the items
for (i in 1:results$Count()) {
  if (as.Date("1899-12-30") + floor(results$Item(i)$ReceivedTime()) 
      == as.Date(Sys.Date())) {
    email <- results$Item(i)

attachment_file <- tempfile()

##Automatically Determine csv file name

##Read CSV File
newly_read_data <- read_csv(unz(attachment_file,csv_file))

The error comes here:

Error in unzip(attachment_file, list = TRUE) : 
  zip file 'C:\Temp\Rtmp86Gnzp\file29904a23387b' cannot be opened

Any help would be great, thanks!


email$Attachments(1)$SaveAsFile(attachment_file) will save the first attachment to the file path defined by attachment_file, according to some unknown ordering. If you're sure there'll only be one file with a ".zip" extension then you can use the FileName method to check that the name of the attachment contains ".zip":

attachment_file <- tempfile()

for (i in 1:email$Attachments()$Count()) {
    attachment <- email$Attachments(i)
    if (grepl(".zip", attachment$FileName(), ignore.case = TRUE)) {