how can i bode plot this low pass filter?

i am not an expert by any means in matlab but i am asked to plot this transfer function which reflects an active low pass filter but i can't seem to get it right ... can you point out where is the error in this command please? ( the error shows a graph with straight lines)

lowpass= tf(num,den)
bode (lowpass)

I think i have missed up with the brackets but can't tell unfortunately, and i know another command which is easier to generate the required graph , but i have been ask to do this one as it shows the correct form of the transform function.


This is not a MATLAB issue. You have defined the transfer function 9.18/(10e3*5e-9)=9.18/5.0000e-05. This results in a transfer function representing a static gain of 183600. So you defined only one numerator and one denominator coefficient.

You probably mean: den=[ 10e3, 5e-9 ]; giving you two denominator coefficients.

>> lowpass

lowpass =

  10000 s + 5e-09

Continuous-time transfer function.

This results in lowpass characteristics:


bode plot of lowpass