How to remove labels and arrows to the next plot in script

I have the following Gnuplot script:

set label "Threshold"  at first  1.03, first  -15
set arrow from graph 0,first -13 to graph 1, first -13 nohead lt 0 lw 5 

plot [1:12][] pot_t(x) t "up"  w lines ls 1

Plot this: enter image description here

with a horizontal line at -13.

If I add a second plot in the script

plot [5:20][] pot_t(x) t "up"  w lines ls 1

enter image description here the horizontal line arrow and label still there.

How could I remove the label threshold and the dashed horizontal line?



labels and arrows stay in every subsequent plot until you explicitly remove them, like practically all gnuplot settings.

You can find out the identifier number of each of them with "show label" / "show arrow" and remove them via "unset".

set label 5 at 1,1 "Labeltext" # explicitly give the label an id
plot x   # here's a label
unset label 5
plot x   # and it's gone