Is it possible to write directly to sass partials from the dev tools?

I have a local website and have added its folder as a workspace. For it I am using .sass files and _partials which compile into a css file and a sourcemap. When I am inspecting the element, the source is the correct partial. When I am adding css rules directly to the class of the element, they are immediately saved, but to the compiled file.

writing css directly to the element styles:

change is immediately saved in the compiled style.css:

Is it possible for this change to be also saved to the original sass partial? Like is there a reverse watcher for the compiled css, which can detect changes and write them to the partial from where the class rules originate?


Try opening the Sass file in the Sources panel.

For example, suppose that you wanted to change the margin:0 declaration for your .header-general .header-title ruleset.


Click _shortcodes.sass:9 to open the file in the Sources panel. Make your edits there, and then press Control+S (or Command+S for Mac) to save.