Side by Side histograms in the Same Graph in R?

This should actually be really simple but I'm having a really hard time finding a solution to this problem.

I have two very simple numeric vectors in R. I am simply trying to plot a histogram with them. However I would like them to be on the same graph. The tricky part is R overlaps these two histograms by default. I would like the bins to be simply side by side so I can get a better visual representation of the data.

Basically this is what I want to do

enter image description here

I am fairly new to R and statistical computing languages in general so I would appreciate it if you would answer my frustrating problem.


The example comes from using the plotrixpackage. Code was found here. You will first need to install that package before you can access the multihist function:


l <- list(rnorm(50),rnorm(50,sd=2),rnorm(50,mean=3))

enter image description here